About Us


Presently there are about 186 (Ordinary) Members and about 54 Associate Members of the Association.

“Any person, firm, company or corporation carrying on business of manufacture and sale of forgings and stampings as his or its principal business shall be entitled to become an Ordinary Member of the Association.” (From the Articles of Association of AIFI.)

“Any individual, firm, institution or association who/which is either domiciled in India or abroad or has a place of business in India or abroad or a company formed and registered under the laws in force in India or abroad at the time of its registration who agrees with the aims and objects of the Association and sympathises with its activities can become an Associate Member.”(Articles of the AIFI.)

In view of the concentration of the forging units in certain areas of the country, members of the Association are mostly located in and around Pune, Ludhiana, Chennai, Rajkot, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Jalandhar and Faridabad.


Members,Managing Committee :

  1. President : Ranbir Singh,President & CEO, GNA Axles Ltd,Mehtiana, Punjab
  2. Vice-President :S.Muralishankar, Jt.Mg.Director,Super Auto Forge Ltd, Chennai
  3. Asheet Pasricha, Jt.Mg.Director,Trinity Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Pune
  4. Amit Kalyani, Executive Director, Bharat ForgeLtd, Pune
  5. M Babu Rao, Managing Director, GSB Forge Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
  6. Vidyashankar Krishnan,Managing Director, M M Forgings Ltd, Chennai
  7. Subhash Khandelwal, Manging Partner, Uma Shankar Khandelwal & Co, New Delhi
  8. Satish Garg, Managing Director, Sadhu Forging Ltd, Faridabad
  9. Avinash Gupta, Managing Director, RN Gupta & Co Ltd, Ludhiana
  10. Deven Doshi, Director, Echjay Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  11. Anil Javalekar,CEO, Poona Forge Pvt Ltd, Pune
  12. Vikas Bajaj, Joint Managing Director, Microtek Forgings, Gurgaon

Ex-officio Members of Managing Committee

  1. Chairman, Southern Region -K Vinoth Kumar, Managing Director, Accurate Steel Forging (I) Ltd, Chennai
  2. Chairman, Western Region – Yash Munot, Executive Director, Varsha Forgings Ltd, Pune
  3. Chairman Northern Region – Alok Sharma, CEO & Managing Director, Forge (India) Pvt Ltd, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh
  4. Chairman, Central Region – R Sivaprasad Reddy, Managing Director, Rachamallu Forgings Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.
  5. Chairman,Administration and Finance – Arun Kumar Thandapani,Hirschvogel Components India Pvt Ltd, Pune
  6. Chairman,Business Development – Deven Doshi, Director, Echjay Industries Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
  7. Chairman,Technology and Training – Satish Mehta, Modern Machine Tools, Mumbai
  8. Chairman,Government Interface – Ranbir Singh, President & CEO, GNA Axles Ltd,Mehtiana, Punjab


  1. G.V. Rama Raju, Hyderabad
  2. Shekhar Dhongde, Pune