Who we are?

The Association of Indian Forging Industry (AIFI) is essentially a conglomeration of forging firms and companies located in India. It seeks to promote the interests of the forging industry through –

  1. promotion of  trade,
  2. up-gradation of technology,
  3. dissemination of information to the forging units,
  4. scheduling training programmes,
  5. providing a platform to its members to exchange market intelligence, and
  6. presenting  to the government its views and suggestions relating to the forging industry.

The  Association  was incorporated as “ The Association of Indian Drop Forging & Stamping Industries” on 1 October 1965 at Mumbai (then Bombay).  The name was changed to its present name, that is, “Association of Indian Forging Industry” on 29 December 1995. By a Special Resolution of the Association on 2 December 2002, its registered office was shifted from Mumbai to Pune.