The Association of Indian Forging Industry seeks to promote the interest of the forging industry of India and place it as one of the focal points within the manufacturing sector of the country.

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The Association of Indian Forging Industry, often referred to as the AIFI, is an association of industrial units engaged in the manufacture of forgings in India. The Association has the linkage with the similar associations in Europe, the USA, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

What are the main actvities of AIFI?

One major recurring activity of the Association is to hold periodic meetings of its members so as to facilitate exchange amongst its members of news and views relating to the forging industry.

With a view to enhancing the skill of the employees of the forging industry the Association organizes training programmes.

Participation in national and international seminars, conferences and exhibitions is another important area of activity of the AIFI.

The Association brings out a quarterly house journal named “ FOCUS “.

Who manages the AIFI?

The executive power of the Association is vested with its Managing Committee (equivalent to a Board of Directors) of 12 members headed by its President and Vice-President. The Managing Committee has formed four Sub-Committees (Administration & Finance, Business Development, Technology & Training, and Government Interface) for detailed study of the allotted subjects and take appropriate action or advise the Managing Committee.

To facilitate decentralized meetings of the Association, it has created Regional committees. Currently the AIFI has Western, Northern, Southern and Central Regional committees. The Regional Committees are headed by their respective Chairman. The Regional Chairmen are ex-officio members of the Managing Committee.

The Association operates from its secretariat in Viman Nagar, Pune. The office is headed by the Secretary General who works under the supervision of the Managing Committee.

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